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Welcome to the iogamesio portal – we offer you a wide selection of over 10,000 free online games. Among the large selection of games we offer, you will definitely find something for yourself – we present, among others, arcade games, logic games, action games, simulation games and more. However, remember that in order to enjoy playing on our platform, you should read the rules of use of our website and fully accept them. If you would like to check them out, you are in the right place. Here they are:

Technical requirements necessary to use the iogamesio portal

  • iogamesio is an online entertainment portal that allows you to play without downloading – 100% online. To use it correctly, you will need a stationary or mobile device, a stable Internet connection, and Javascript software.
  • The iogamesio portal can be used on personal computers based on Windows, MacOs or Linux, as well as on Android or iOS mobile devices.
  • The iogamesio portal only provides free online games – the user is obliged to provide himself with all the accessories necessary to play.

Conditions of participation on the iogamesio website

  • The iogamesio portal should only be used by persons over 16 years of age without adult supervision.
  • Legal guardians are primarily responsible for the safety of persons under 16 years of age when using the egierka website.
  • Legal guardians of persons aged 16 or under should supervise their use of the website


  • Copyrights to games and interactive materials belong to their creators
  • Copyrights to all trademarks used on the iogamesio website belong to their owners
  • The graphic design of the egierka website, as well as all scripts and texts appearing on the above-mentioned portal, are its exclusive property. It is prohibited to use them without the knowledge and consent of the portal administration.
  • It is prohibited to copy, modify, sell, translate or use for commercial purposes any elements of the website without the knowledge and consent of the administration.
  • It is prohibited to use the egierka website for commercial purposes
  • In the event of copyright infringement or violation, all interested persons are obliged to contact the website administration directly
  • The administration reserves the right to remove any materials without warning if they violate copyrights.

Scope of services and costs

  • iogamesio is a website offering access to online games based on HTML5 technology
  • Access to every game on the website is free.
  • The iogamesio website does not offer any additionally paid premium services.
  • Any additionally paid services presented as part of specific games are provided and implemented by the producers of these games, and not by the e-graki portal.

User rights and obligations

  • The user undertakes to comply with the regulations of use of the iogamesio website.
  • The user is prohibited from performing any illegal penetration tests of the iogamesio website.
  • The User undertakes not to violate the copyright and property rights of the administration of the iogamesio website, as well as. game producers and other partners providing content for the website.
  • The user has the right to use the services provided by the website free of charge.
  • The user has the right to use the services provided by the website from any device of his choice.
  • The user has the right to contact the administration if he or she believes that while using the portal, there has been a serious violation of his or her security or personal rights.

Final Provisions

  • The terms of service on the iogamesio website may be updated at any time by the website administration.
  • The website provides the user with full security when using its services using various security systems and certificates.
  • Launching any item from the game catalog available on the website is tantamount to agreeing to the terms of service.
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