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You’re a parent, so it’s no wonder you care about what type of content your child sees online. However, we would like to assure you that we carefully select free online games on our website to provide high-quality entertainment adapted to the age of the user – including the youngest recipients. If you want to know why you should trust us, please read this short entry. We hope that after reading it, all your worries and concerns about our website will disappear.

Simple and understandable games for the youngest

As a USA website, we only offer games in English, or with very easy-to-learn, extremely intuitive rules that your child will understand in a few minutes – many of the games we offer require only a computer mouse to operate. We understand that online games are meant to entertain the child, not to frustrate them unnecessarily. The selection of games available on our website is constantly expanding, which means that your child will always have a lot of fresh, newly presented online games for children to choose from .

Portal security

The security of our website is crucial to us. We have taken quite radical steps compared to some competing portals – such as giving up social functions such as chat or comments. We simply focus on providing high-quality free online games. We are fully aware that the chat or comment function can be used for nefarious purposes. However, you have a guarantee that your child will not come across any negative content on our website that may negatively affect him or her. We also care about your data – you can check at any time how we collect data and whether, for example, we use cookies in your browser. We have described everything in our privacy policy of the iogamesio portal .

Gaming security

The next step we have taken to provide the highest quality entertainment to every user, regardless of their age, is the careful selection of games that appear on our website. We have categorically refrained from games that are erotic, brutal, vulgar, those that present negative content or phenomena and are intended only for adults for other reasons. We believe that free online games should provide only unrestricted entertainment.

100% free

Our website is safe for children for one more reason: all games are available at absolutely no costs and limits. So your child can play their favorite titles for free and from anywhere in the world. We do not take advantage of children’s innocence and gullibility to extort subscriptions – on the contrary, we strongly condemn such practices. We do not require you to provide even basic billing or contact details or even create an account. Your child can use all the games we have prepared without any restrictions.

Games are not only entertainment

All the games we have prepared for the youngest have much more to offer than just the possibility of having fun. They have, among other things, unique educational values. Thanks to them, your child can learn the names of colors or characters, develop reflexes and use the computer properly. All these skills will undoubtedly be useful to your child in the later years of life. By using our website, they can purchase them in a fun way – in a pleasant and interesting way. In addition, in our catalog you will find many logical games and virtual coloring books that will stimulate your child’s imagination and help him develop his passions.

The latest generation of 100% online games

No expensive console or state-of-the-art equipment is required to play the games available on the iogamesio website. Even a basic computer or smartphone with Internet access is enough for your child to enjoy the best games gathered in one place. To ensure even greater safety for your child, we have limited the number of ads displayed on our website. In the case of games, the manufacturer decides whether to include advertisements in them. However, we try to provide only games with few ads or no ads at all.

You can contact us at any time if you have any questions – please visit our contact information page .

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