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Why io Games List?

The first .io game was created by Zeach, which called It was a very simple online multiplayer game where the player controls the circle, absorbs the colored dots and circles of other players. The game quickly became popular. It was played by millions of users around the world. Later there were versions for mobile Android and iOS devices. Later Steve Howse created new multiplayer, Snake .io game, similar to the Agario by gameplay. The game became popular after it was published on the popular YouTube video hosting and reached the top positions in the USA and Great Britain. The developer also created mobile version of the game. After such a success, many developers began to create games in this genre. So, we decided to combine all io games into one large list, so to make it easier for you to find and play your favorite games. We tried to collect all the .io games in one list, but if you didn’t find your favorite game, please write to us.

How to Play io Games Online

io games you can play directly in your browser without installing on the computer. But you must have the good Internet, because all .io games are played in multiplayer mode online. Most often io games you can play with the mouse and a few keys of your keyboard. All io games are absolutely free, but often show different ads. You must to have a powerful PC, because io games consume a lot of resources of your computer. In many .io gamesonline you can create the clan and play with your team vs other clans and this is very intersting. Also you can choose fine skins and get cool prizes. And finally, most of popular io games you can install on your mobile phone and play your favorite game at any time, wherever you are.
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